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Favourite genre of music: Metalish
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:iconembergryphon: is my main gallery. These are just my fanartscribbles. <3

Stolen from :iconaranoki:

Favorite Male Protagonist: Brendan. He's so nice when you're playing as the female in Emerald.
Favorite Female Protagonist: Crystal.
Favorite Rival: Sillllllllver. <3
Favorite Tag-Up: Definitely Riley. And I don't care if EVERYONE loved Riley. I did too dammit. D<
Favorite Starter Pokemon: Charmander! ^_____^ Closely followed by Cyndaquil.
Favorite Pokemon Overall: Meowth. <<33
Favorite Gym Leader: Flannery. Sex in a bottle.
Favorite Battle Frontier Brain: Eeeh. I dunno. Lucy I guess.
Favorite Champion: Classic Blue. He had personality.
Favorite Elite 4 Member: Siiiiiiiiiiiidney! <3 And then Flint. But mostly Sidney. Ohyeah.
Favorite Professor: Oak.
Favorite Random Person to go up and talk to: CHANSEY DANCE MAN. In FireRed/LeafGreen. Do the Chansey Dance *boogieboogie*
Favorite Person to Battle: ...Sidney. =o
Favorite Rocket: Meowth duh. D=
Favorite Team: Team Rocket all the way.

Favorite Main Character: Meowth. D<
Favorite Main Girl Character: Haven't been keeping up with it at all since the first two seasons. But I like the way Zoey looks so I choose her. *will download DP epis later*
Favorite Rival: Dunno. Harley I guess, gotta download Hoenn epis so I figure out who he is.
Favorite COtD: Cassandra! From the Paras episode. ^_____^ Socute.
Favorite Coordinator: Yeesh. Harley I s'pose. ^^()
Favorite Trainer: I... I dunno. D= Misty.
Favorite Breeder: I know Brock was a breeder. *snickers* Uh. There were more?
Favorite Gym Leader: Uh. Sabrina rocked in the anime, I think. She did something creepy. It's been a while since I saw that episode though. ^^()
Favorite Referee: Hmm? Those have NAMES now?
Favorite Elite 4 Member: SIDNEY. I don't think he appeared. I'd download that episode. <3 Lorelei did though! There was hubbub over her boobies. <3 So Lorelei is is until/unless Sidney or Flint pop up.
Favorite Mom: ...Uh. I guess Ash's mom.
Favorite Pokemon: Meowth dammit. <3
Favorite Starter Pokemon: Pikachu. =3
Favorite Team Rocket Member: Meowth!
Team Aqua or Team Magma: Magma. =3 Although TR > both of 'em.

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